Kate Parker

Kate Parker marketing 2017

Kate is a successful coach, trainer and facilitator on workforce and communication related issues for more than fifteen years.

“I believe adults learn best by being actively engaged in the learning process.”

My workshops include a wide variety of activities, customized work-related examples, and a large dose of humor and enthusiasm.”

Kate’s current area of interest is the intersection of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and communication with workforce issues.  Recent workshop topics include: customer service, adapting to change, communication basics, accountable communication, employee retention, and effective feedback.

“My worldview supports interdependency, collaboration and life-long learning.”

In support of those values Kate currently serves as co-chair of the GreenLane Sustainable Business Network board.  The mission of GreenLane is to help Lane County businesses and organizations to become more sustainable by providing monthly educational programs, resources and opportunities to network with like-minded people.

I demonstrate my commitment to sustainability in my personal life by practicing the ideas I teach: living simply; eating a plant strong diet; growing and cooking healthy food from my garden year round; and creating a natural sanctuary in my own backyard.

A recovering workaholic, I am creating a new, healthy work/life balance, and value the time I spend on personal spiritual growth.

You can learn more about me and what I do at my website or contact me by email if you have any questions.  I can also be reached by phone at (541) 342-4431.

I am always open to consideration of projects that align with my values and interests, and would enjoy collaborating with others who share those interests.