Individual Achievement

Enhancing Individual Achievement can often be approached from a strengths-based “skills and habits” perspective – building upon what’s already working rather than fixing what’s broken.

Fine-tuning one’s perspective toward success in life involves cultivating a future-focused and growth-oriented mindset that can be coupled with the practical skills that support continual progress toward one’s chosen goals.

Attention to one’s General Well-Being can also be an important part of improving Individual Achievement.

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Developing a success-oriented Mindset often includes consideration of any factors that might be holding one back from achieving their fullest potential in life.  Consider, for example,  one’s Outlook on life.  Is it generally positive and optimistic?  Or negative, cynical and pessimistic?  How does this affect our emotional state and behavior?

Another common factor is Resilience.  How does one deal with setbacks, loss and adversity?  Is time lost on repetitive, conditioned, self-defeating, thoughts, feelings and (escapist) behavior in an attempt to cope with disappointment?  Or is there a pro-active “What do I need to learn here?” stance resulting constructive re-evaluation, adjustment of strategy or perseverance?

And in the area of General Well-Being, we all need the foundations for success firmly in place in order to feel safe and confident as we continue to expand our generativity and influence in life.  Having our Health (diet, exercise, sleep, etc.) and our Relationships (intimacy, family, collegial, etc.) in order is primary.  Without these, our reach is limited.  And sometimes it helps to step back and get an outside perspective on our Vices.  Are they a source of pleasure, or have they ever-so-slowly become a potentially self-defeating problem?  And what about Balance? Do we have enough Balance in our lives such that we are not over-committed in one area to the exclusion of another critical area?  Are we so focused on financial success that our health suffers?  Or so wrapped up in our relationship drama that our career suffers?

These are what might be addressed as issues of Individual Achievement:  factors that fine-tune our ability to operate at the highest possible level and become our best possible self in life.

That said, sometimes a more in-depth process can be helpful…