il Santuario


Known affectionately by many for some 20+ years as elkdream farm, il Santuario is moving toward a “short stay options” mode.  As part of our “nourish and educate” initiative, we are making arrangements to provide respite and support for those seeking a brief retreat from the cultural trance.

We have supported personal growth, cultural exchange and transformation for numerous people over the course of many years, and are now creating an open, quiet space for rest, relaxation, reflection, and nourishing inputs – wholesome food and home cooked meals (with many ingredients home grown),  emotional safety and support, simplicity, ease, beauty and moving with awareness in present time.

Considered a “restorative niche” by introverted types, il Santuario offers an opportunity to temporarily disconnect from the harried frenzy of daily life, to contemplate ones current circumstances, thoughtfully consider endings and beginnings, and allow oneself to settle into a state of soul-nourishing stillness.

Considered a quiet retreat for traveling sages, il Santuario offers an opportunity to connect with Self and nature in a deeper way, move at your pace for a period, and feel supported and nourished at a way spot along your journey.

For more information contact  Don Schneider  or  Elin England


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Long-term plans include development of an “end of life” setting – a place for mindful living and conscious dying – coordinated with the LCC nursing program and Sacred Heart Hospice.  A place for those making the transition, and their families, to spend a final chapter in a peaceful setting with appropriate emotional and medical support.