Effective Management and Leadership

Developing Effective Management and Leadership Skills is important for those who find themselves intentionally or unintentionally elevated into a position of leadership.

Often times, a person with exceptional technical skills will rise within a workgroup into a position for which they have no experience, and have had no formal training.

And sometimes, even those who have had some exposure to management and leadership concepts simply find themselves less skilled than they would like to be at managing people effectively.

Or, they find themselves in a particularly “thorny” situation that could benefit from consideration of strategies based on decades of study and experience with such matters.

The ultimate goal here is to increase confidence, enjoyment, and success at  managing relationships and outcomes in order to forward the mission of the enterprise.

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One way we offer support in this area is through the development of educational presentations of customized content for workgroups that address specific workplace needs identified by those in management.

We also offer individual management consulations for the development and improvement of specific skills such as:

  • how run Productive Meetings
  • utilizing the best Decision-Making Methods for a particular situation
  • Team Building
  • Shaping Policies
  • Hiring and Firing practices
  • Dealing with “Difficult People” and implementing “Progressive Discipline”
  • Finding, Developing and Appreciating one’s unique Leadership Style