Ed Conrad


Ed has extensive life experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, and calling forth the wisdom and power of the heart within individuals, organizations, and communities.

He is strongly committed to processes and practices which have the potency to bring to a close old self-defeating stories which reinforce who we have thought ourselves to be, thereby opening the door to new stories and legacies which heal the wounds of life and more closely fulfill our original purpose for being here.  Ed calls this “The Heart-Powered Path”…a way of life which calls forth the inner genius of love, wisdom, kindness, authenticity, and creativity from the core of each person and organization.

His in-depth, forty-five year personal and spiritual exploration, and unique set of life experiences culminated in 2014 with the completion of the eloquent and timeless daily companion book,

Heart Power: Inspiring the Courage to Heal and Love Yourself One Day at a Time.

Product Details

To learn about the application of Heart Power, and to see the schedule to attend online or in-person gatherings led by Ed, go to heartpoweredpath.com

When it comes to environmental sustainability, Ed walks his talk by aligning his personal lifestyle and his work life with the values he espouses.  He is currently assisting people with the major life decisions and adjustments involved in downsizing their living situations to more sustainable proportions that are better-suited to their current life circumstances, through a program called DownsizingEugene.com which is offered through Equinox Real Estate which puts forth that “…it is our duty…to treat the earth with the utmost care and respect.”

Ed’s roots are in middle America having descended from farmers, teachers, and healers.

Ed can be reached by email here.