Drew Johnson


Drew is a Stoic. Not the kind that doesn’t show emotion, but the one whose operating system stems from the philosophic questions of: how do we live a happy, fulfilling life – and – how can we become better humans? Simply put, he answers these by moving forward and doing good.

For over ten years, he has been operating Ruryl Studios. It’s a small, location-independent marketing service that helps companies and organizations with their web/social presence, creative promotions, and branding assessments. One of the reasons he started Ruryl Studios was that he grew up in Southwest Minnesota and saw the struggle small towns have in getting good help, specifically in promoting their businesses.

As a minimalist, Drew can fit everything he owns inside his car. He enjoys simple living, planting trees, and takes a lot of hikes.

Drew was named “Best Sojourner of the Year” by Reader’s Digest for his traveling volunteer project called 48by48. The venture consisted of spending a week in each state doing a variety of social, environmental, and service projects while encouraging and connecting like-minded individuals to these worthwhile organizations.

The best way to contact Drew is by email or to connect with him via Twitter or Facebook.