Don Schneider


Don brings forty years of Human Relations experience to his work with individuals and organizations spanning both public and private sector settings.

He is passionate about supporting and strengthening the efforts of those who are successfully advancing their vision of a better world by focusing on the “people-as-assets” aspect of any enterprise: working in close to encourage and support individuals in establishing a path forward that leverages the power of their unique talents and aspirations in life; helping those who find themselves in the role of management to discover and enjoy their unique authentic leadership style; and facilitating workgroups and organizations in evolving the systems and culture that improves their efficiency, navigation and results.

Encourage Human Potential

Support Emerging Leadership

Facilitate Successful Outcomes


Don has a long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability as demonstrated by his many public speaking engagements and workshops on this topic, as well as his book Communicating Across the Divides in Our Everyday Lives.

A little known personal note about Don, is the fact that he has conducted symphony orchestra’s and composed music for string quartets.

Don’s current areas of focus.  (a brief PowerPoint)

The best way to reach Don is by email.