Nourish & Educate



It’s in the offering to a child their first taste of a fresh-picked string bean…and watching their delight…and hearing them say, “Yum. I didn’t know I liked string beans. Can I have another one?”



It’s in the showing of another’s hand how to pick a ripe apple without breaking next year’s fruiting bud…and witnessing the delight when the tree offers the apple to the gentle request…


It’s watching toddlers stumble down a hundred foot row of ripe raspberries smooshing them into their eager faces…


It’s in the sound of mouth-filled “mmm’s” as a circle of humans delight in the exquisite taste of nutrition cultivated with care and prepared with skill…


These are the moments that make all of the work worth the effort.


This is where and how we come together to be nourished and appreciative of the bounty that life offers.


Encouraging appreciation of local, seasonal, organic foods – and those who participate in the cultivation, processing, distribution, and preparation of them…

Elin England and Don Schneider


Video of Elin and her nourishing ways