Lively Elders Workshop

Is it possible to keep learning and growing, asking questions, taking in new information and experiences right up until our final days?  We think so!

The Lively Elders Workshop is a one-time, 5 hour (10:00am – 3pm), facilitated opportunity to Think, Listen, Learn, Grow and Enjoy being together – celebrating this amazing stage of life!

Relaxed, Light, Pleasant, Safe, Hopeful – this is a day to appreciate and smile at the journey among peer-cohorts.  The Lively Elders Workshop is an opportunity to:

  • move from aloneness and fear about our individual aging process toward connection, authenticity and appreciation;
  • move from passivity toward effective action;
  • move from reacting to co-creating an aging process that we choose.

What to bring:  a picture of your younger self and a willingness to relax and enjoy.  That’s all.  Lunch will be provided.

Where: TBD

When: TBD

Cost: $125 (includes lunch).  $200 for couples (so couple up with somebody, already).

For questions, concerns, and to express your interest:

contact:  Don Schneider or Elin England

When enough Lively Elders have expressed interest, the next Workshop will be scheduled and you will be notified of the date and place.  You can decide at that time.