Accountability & Support Group

What does it take to live a successful life?

Desire, motivation, goals, persistence,…you know.

So why is it, then, that so many of us fall short of achieving the level of success and enjoyment that we are capable of in life?

That is the focus, and the purpose of a well-designed and expertly facilitated Accountability & Support group.

We all benefit from the opportunity to “step off the merry-go-round” of daily life for a few moments, re-assess our aims, gather support, encouragement and new ideas with which to re-enter our lives and redouble our efforts.

It is through the definition of realistic and compelling goals that we find the motivation and achieve the momentum to move forward in life. As our effectiveness improves, so does our outlook, and our ability to face adversity with resilience.

Health, fitness, relationships, career aspirations, personal finances – whatever individual and professional goals we might have…short-term and long-term – all yield bountifully to consistent, focused, intentional personal development.

If you’re looking to make some changes in your life, and you want to build some structure and support around those aspirations and develop the capacities that carry you toward the attainment of your goals, then this might be for you.

Human Potential Development Associates offers a 12 week, goals-oriented Accountability and Support Group.

Here is what to expect:

• Increase motivation, focus and follow through
• 12 Weeks, 90 minutes per session
• Thursdays mornings 10:30 – Noon
• Learn and use Success Skills (see below) to improve results
• Supportive environment, appreciative listening, encouragement
• Share resources and referrals (network with motivated others)
• Group size is limited to facilitate deeper integration
• When: start date to to be announced when next group is full (*see below)
• Where: Tamarack Annex, 3575 Donald St./Pearl, Eugene
• Cost: $25 per session ($300 for 12 weeks)
• Commitment to 12 weeks required

*We’re now collecting names for the next group.

To find out more, contact:  Don Schneider, PhD

”Success Skills” that we will cover to accelerate progress in the New Year include:

  • setting realistic and compelling goals
  • cultivating motivation
  • achieving momentum
  • effectiveness, efficiency, productivity
  • attitude, outlook, mindset
  • adversity and resilience
  • health and fitness
  • relationships
  • money
  • mental input
  • quality of life
  • intentional personal growth
  • perspective, intention, effort