Accountability and Support Group

Accountability and Support Group 2018

Are you looking to make some changes in your life?

Want to build some structure and support around your resolutions and develop momentum toward the attainment of your goals?

Human Potential Development Associates will be offering a 12 week, goals-oriented Accountability and Support Group in Eugene, Oregon beginning January 4th, 2018.

Here is what to expect:

• Increase motivation, focus and follow through
• 12 Weeks, 90 minutes per session
• Thursdays mornings 10:30 – Noon
• Learn and use “Success Skills” to improve results
• Supportive environment, appreciative listening, encouragement
• Personal and professional goals
• Share resources and referrals
• Group size limited
• When: Thursday January 4th – March 22 (12 weeks in a row)
• Where: Tamarack Annex, 3575 Donald St./Pearl, Eugene
• Cost: $25 per session ($300 for 12 weeks)
• Commitment to 12 weeks required

For Questions and to Register contact:

Don Schneider, PhD