Communicating Across the Divides


Constructive Dialogue for a Polarized Nation


Communicating Across the Divides In Our Everyday Lives is a psychological field manual for constructive dialogue.  It is designed to help us navigate those awkward, uncomfortable situations in which we feel compelled to express, what seem to us, valid concerns about where our civilization seems headed, only to find out that the people we are talking with strongly disagree.  It’s a book you can turn to before and during visits with family or friends whose views differ sharply – to help promote closeness, understanding, and authentic engagement without compromising your values.

Communicating Across the Divides explains how underlying personality factors, differing worldviews, and the inescapable anxieties of life too often result in unsatisfying – and unproductive – communication with those we truly care about.  It offers a basis for empathy, understanding and progress in bridging the divides.

Written by psychologist Don Schneider, Communicating Across the Divides pulls together years of research and observations about the trajectory of humanity in relation to natural resources and to each other, with a focus on moving beyond the growing polarization that dominates much of our current public discourse.

The book is comprised of four parts: 1) the reasons why it is important that we learn to communicate more effectively with each other; 2) three things we need to understand and remember about ourselves and each other, as human beings, that can otherwise get in the way of satisfying connections; 3) techniques to promote constructive dialogue across the divides in our everyday lives, and; 4) narrative examples of how these techniques might actually be used in difficult situations.

Handy navigational graphics throughout the book make it easy for readers to find the information they need quickly, making it a good travel companion for those who are venturing into challenging circumstances.

Emanating from a unique synthesis of disciplines, the book demonstrates a dynamic ability to inform while inviting readers to self-reflection as a catalyst for personal growth and global citizenship. Filled with insight and inspiration, Communicating Across the Divides paints a picture of an emerging culture and offers hope for a better world – the result of co-creation by conscious choice and constructive dialogue.

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Here’s a brief video of Don presenting a summary of the concepts at the LCC Climate Action and Education Forum.

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