…adding to the silence…

There’s a lot of noise in the world today – a lot of busy-ness and frenetic activity and glaring signage.  Our current global economic system is abuzz with strident promotions, announcements, news (good and bad), advice, warnings, information and misinformation.

It’s a lot!

Does the world really need us to be adding to the noise?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

If we wanted, instead, to add to the silence, how might we do that?  Here is one (of many) possible ways.

Turn off the TV, the movie, the radio, the podcast, the “noise” for a few minutes and listen.  Simply listen – with appreciative awareness and curiosity to whatever is happening right around you in the present moment.

Listen for the silence.  Be the silence.   And the stillness within which all of this noise and activity is happening.  If you are not alone, you might listen with full attention to whomever you are with.  By listening, by being still – even for a minute – we are not adding to the noise, but rather “subtracting” from it, in a sense.  This could be one way of adding to the silence.

Then, when you’re ready, go ahead and dive back into the noise.

If you want to.

Or not.

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