Aiming for Success

How are you growing these days?

What aspects of yourself are you intentionally developing?

In what direction is your life currently taking you?


Passively floating through life and allowing unplanned disasters to determine the course we take and where we end up is one way of navigating.

Being intentional and deliberate about our life, our goals, and our growth is another.

Which one is more likely to take us in a direction – and to a destination – that we truly desire?


To really grab hold of this process of intentional living, it is sometimes necessary, and generally helpful to:

  1. Schedule time with our self, for ourself (on our calendar!) to think about where we are headed and how we need to grow in order to get there.  Time set aside on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to reflect, re-evaluate, and re-aim encourages us to continually re-engage life with strength and purpose.
  2. Choose it now (yes, right now).  Because it’s always right nowright?  Thus, now is always the right time to focus our attention and efforts on our goals and self-improvement.

The “choice points” in life – those times to start (and continue) to focus on developing our personal and professional success  – are always experienced by us as occurring right now. It always feels like we have to make the choice in the here-and-now moment.

It feels that way because it is that way.

Got it?  OK.   So,…accepting that, then we get to make the choice.  Choosing growth and deliberate aims over aimless drifting and a stagnant life.  Choosing.  Right now.  And right now.  Like any time of day, all day long – right now.


Once we have established regularly scheduled time slots for self-reflection and re-evaluation, and, as we cultivate our fortitude and ability to focus and align our here-and-now attention and efforts with our considered aims, then personal and professional growth become intentionally-formed habits that carry us to our goals.

In this way, we are proactively and intentionally steering our course through life.

It seems like a better way to navigate.

Your thoughts?





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