Foundations for Success

Building upon a strong foundation enables us to reach higher without faltering.

Here are some of the essential components that lead to success.

Completion of the past: letting go of regrets, resentments, old self-defeating patterns, whatever is holding you back.  Take some time to do the ranting and grieving necessary to get it out of your system, then,…get over it.  Let it go.  Move on.

Build up your reserves: of energy, determination, skills, knowledge, social capital, production capacity, etc. so that you have ample reserves to draw on when needed.

Maximize/Cultivate what inspires and motivates you: and Minimize/Eliminate what drains you.  Sometimes this requires us to establish clear, strong boundaries around toxicity and distractions.  It’s OK to raise your standards and reorient your life around higher, heart-felt values rather than allowing old associations and activities to determine your course in life.

Figure out how to get your basic, rational, healthy human needs met on a regular basis, and take excellent care of yourself.  Make time for rest, connection, enjoyment, whatever is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually nourishing to you.  Recharge yourself and solidify your gains along the way.  It will enable you to keep going strong.

Building a life upon these foundational principles will increase the likelihood of achieving those goals that might otherwise seem out of reach.


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