Sounds and Silence and the Self

“Silence is a profound melody, for those who can hear it above all the noise.”  – Socrates

The simple act of sitting in silence can sometimes reveal a deeper sense of self.  One that lies behind, or is “one step back” from the ongoing noise of our busy mind.

It is from this perspective, in this moment of silence, that the alert living awareness, which is a “deeper” and in some ways more constant and steady aspect of self, can sometimes be recognized as patiently listening to the incredibly complex symphony of our harried life.

Just as a composer carefully weaves sounds and silence to create a work of impassioned expression, we too can introduce moments of silence into the cacophony of our daily lives to create our own unique Hallelujah chorus for the world.

It is from the silence that all great music is born, moves the emotions of listeners, and returns to the silence – that moment at the end where everyone goes, “Ahhh.”

It is from the stillness that all creativity springs into action, builds structure and then settles as achievement of a higher-level of manifestation.

It is from the emptiness that all beauty buds, blooms forth, and graces those who pause to notice during its moment of glory.

Interjecting moments of silence into the ongoing chaos of daily life can bring many benefits – health, wealth and happiness.

It punctuates our striving with allowing things to evolve and recognizing when to receive and be grateful.

From simply listening to the silence – even just for a moment, here and there – good and interesting outcomes are possible.  If only we will take that moment.

Got a moment?  Find a moment.  Take a moment.  Sit and listen.

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