True Security

To what do we hold tight as a source of security in life?

It seems that true security has little to do with titles, power, status, or having lots of money in the bank – especially if held in relative isolation.  (It’s lonely at the top, eh?)

A true sense of security seems to come more easily from our embeddedness in a complex tapestry of deep, authentic, caring relationships that cross divides in all directions – political, economic, cultural, etc.

A web of humanity that can hold us in our frailty and our strength; that welcomes our tears as well as our gifts of inspiration.

The warm surround of a community that thinks highly of us.

Within this embrace, we need not hold tight, but can relax into the sense of security that we long for.  The place where we live.  Where we rest.  Where we find strength and nourishment to face the inescapable uncertainty that is life.

Uncertainty is a given.  Insecurity is not.

Uncertainty is a condition of existence.  Insecurity is just a feeling.                                 Acknowledge it, then let it go and move on.

Cultivate connection.  Everywhere.  Every day.  With everyone.

Then go forth and face your day with a sense of relaxed confidence.

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