Cultivating Perspective

It’s important to success, and helpful to living a happier and more fulfilling life, to cultivate a worldview that is logical, hopeful, and based on the right combination of our most essential core values and time-tested principles.

Coming from this perspective, and with this to fall back on when running into adversities in life, things will tend to be easier in many ways.

It will tend to help us not only feel better now (and right now and right now – along the way), but to also become less frequently and less deeply upset when things don’t go well.

We will tend to be quicker to recover our equilibrium and regain our momentums toward personal growth, as well as less likely to run into problems in the first place.

In addition, as life goes on, we will tend to become increasingly successful at achieving our goals and satisfied with our results.

This is not a one-time-and-it’s-done sort of thing.

It takes work to consciously and intentionally think it through – to clarify for ourselves a coherent and values-based perspective from which to enter life.

And we will benefit from considering this an ongoing project that requires re-thinking and revising periodically, as we (our needs, values, interests) continue to change, as our circumstances and the world around us continue to change, as technology continues to change, and as the people who are prominent in our lives continue to come and go.

Everything changes always.

There is no once-and-for-all answer for how to live a meaningful life.

The final answer is that there is no final answer.

We create it as we go.  How cool is that!

We get to creatively choose and adapt our own goals and values as seem best-suited at every step along the journey toward success and fulfillment in life.

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