After all, it’s always now.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of putting off the positive changes we want to make in our lives until a future date.

“After this weekend.”  “After the Holidays.”  “After…”

While we see (and know) where we want our future self to end up, we keep choosing what doesn’t take us there.  Our future self is derailed by our current choices.

“I’ll start eating healthier, exercising more, drinking less alcohol, spending less time on social media, being a ‘nicer’ person, meditating everyday, saving more of my money, working on that big project, paying down my credit card, …”

What’s important and helpful to remember is that choices are always (and only) made in the present moment.  (It’s always the present moment, right?)

“After this party.”  “After this/that is behind me.”  “After…”

When we put these decisions to change off until a later date, and that later date finally arrives, what we find is that we are, once again face-to-face with our current self, and with having to muster the willpower (energetic determination) to choose and act on what we know will make our future self happy.

Maybe it will be easier at this point.  Sometimes it is.

But too often it is no easier than it would have been before.

It’s still now.  It’s once again now.  The choice and effort must always be made now.

Otherwise we just keep kicking the problem “down the road” of time, and the compounding effects of poor choices mount up and snatch success away from our future self.

We have not only lost time, but we have also failed to establish the habits and momentums that would have made this moments’ choices easier.

“Crap I gained another pound.”  “Dang, I should’ve started on this assignment sooner.”  “Hmm, I should have looked further ahead.”

In the end (and always) we must choose and act now.  Not in the future.  Right now. Today.  Take a small step, and then another.  That’s all it takes to get our lives moving in the directions that we know are best for us.

Why not now?

After all, it’s always now.



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