Instinct for Success

Sometimes, when facing an important event in our lives:

a big performance of some type; an important job interview; a difficult conversation or confrontation; a fate-determining meeting; etc.,

as the time approaches we can feel ourselves gathering our inner resources into a deeper part of our self.

This is our predator self.

All instinct and intensity.  Lightning reflexes.  Deadly accurate.

We can trust these instincts to prevail.

We are all born with the basic instincts and the necessary drive to get our needs met in life; to survive, and to succeed.

Too often, however, we have allowed these natural instincts to become socialized into submission.

When this happens, we find that our natural drive, intuition, and ability to act instinctively have all been conditioned into polite hesitation.

We end up thinking before acting. Our behavior becomes safe, tame, predictable, socialized.

This is good, of course, in many respects and in most situations. It makes us a “nicer” person.

It’s good for “getting along” together.

It’s a healthy adjustment to living in a society where cooperation and reciprocation give rise to well-functioning communities.

That said, there are situations, occasions, circumstances where operating from “baser” instincts is more appropriate, more adaptive and survival-oriented.

Where the “higher” path is actually closer to the “lower” animal in us.

Where our ability to do good in the world relies on giving expression to our deeper instincts.

Like a lion in a cage, we mostly live passive, submissive lives these days. We forget how to hunt, stalk, pounce and prevail.

But the instinct is still there.  Deep inside. Waiting for the cage door to be left open.

When the lion gets out, s/he goes “Lion” again.  All of that killer instinct is just waiting for an opportunity to express itself.

To activate this part of our self, we need to have a clear goal, some specific outcome to focus on attaining.  And we need to do all of our thinking and preparation ahead of time.

This way we can be “in the moment” on predator mode as we approach those critical junctures in the pursuit of our chosen outcome.

During the actual confrontation, the big meeting, the playoff game, “the moment of truth”, it’s important to not become caught up in overthinking it, to not become distracted from closing in on and reaching the goal.

This is where we must allow our predator self to express its innate nature.

This is where we must rely on our preparation and training so that we can just be in the present moment with our instincts and our target – focus and act, adapt, focus, act.

Spontaneously adjusting our forward movement to adapt to every eventuality as we close in on our target.

Closer and closer.  All instinct. Moving forward with an unstoppable determination.

Closing in.  Pounce.  Prevail.  Done.

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