Gratitude and Perseverance

Even, and perhaps especially, when we are feeling “put upon” by the drudgery of life, it can be helpful to ask ourselves,

“To whom am I indebted to be living as I do, with such freedom, ease and opportunity?”


“How can I demonstrate the courage, strength and fortitude to move life forward for those who will follow me?”

Nostalgic for a simpler past, it is often easy to overlook the significant hardships that were endured by previous generations to bring us to this current state of civilization – where common citizens around the globe live with greater comfort, health and peace of mind than kings and queens of just a few generations ago.

This very day is an opportunity to experience gratitude for all that we have been gifted by those who came before us, as well as pay it forward to future generations with the generosity of our focused, determined efforts.

We are part of an ongoing upward ascent of intelligent life on this planet.

Together we can co-create a future that we all want.

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