Intentional Personal Growth

The sooner we make the transition to becoming intentional about our personal growth, the better.
Because personal growth compounds and accelerates over time if we remain focused, active and consistent in our efforts.
The unfolding of our full potential propels us forward.  And since personal growth is a life-long process, we can always go further.
We should be asking ourselves, “How far can I go?” rather than “How long will it take before I get there?”
Where is there for you?  Is one ever there, ever done growing?
How far can you imagine going in life?
What areas do you want to grow in next?
Dream big!  Aim high!
If you’re breathing and reading this, you’re not done yet.
Why not consciously choose your direction and methods, and have a life that is bigger and better than you can now imagine?
Intentional Personal Growth.

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