Intentional Personal Growth

It sometimes seems like personal growth and change should be easier than it is.
“Why is it taking so long?” we ask.
Well,… it takes time to figure out what we really need to work on, as well as how to go about working on it.
It takes time to develop new skills, attitudes and habits.
And too often it takes time to muster the gumption and fortitude to set a new direction, overcome inertia, and persevere through adversity.
It requires focus and determination on top of a desire to change.
We have to really want it.
And we must be absolutely honest in our self-appraisal and consistent in our efforts.
But it can happen.  We can do it.
If we really want to reach for the fullest expression of our potential in life, it helps to become very intentional about it.
Intentional Personal Growth.

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